The Hawkins Multifocal Reader +1.75 Clear

The Hawkins Multifocal Reader +1.75 Clear Read and work on the computer with ease with The Hawkins Multifocal Reader! This retro square reader features an optical quality, polished acetate frame with front rivet detailing. These multifocal lenses have three different viewing areas in each lens allowing you to keep your glasses on for different tasks throughout the day. Select your standard reading power for the bottom area of the lens. Your intermediary, computer power is in the middle of the lens, and the top of the lens has the weakest power (approximately half of your reading power) allowing you to view across your desk. The anti-reflective coating helps protect your eyes from glare.

Eye fatigue also affects your concentration, so it is very important to be aware of your symptoms. The use of correct polarized sunglasses, combined with periodic visual examinations, will help you stay focused in front of the wheel. Remember to wear polarized lenses outdoors or whenever you face a long trip.

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