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The Dash Computer Reader +2.50 Gold

The Dash Computer Reader +2.50 Gold Looking for a computer reader with both fully magnified lenses and anti-reflective coating? Look no further! The Dash Computer Reader is a metal reader with spring hinges and a very light yellow tint to help lessen eye fatigue and strain while working at a computer. Disclaimer: Lenses do not block all blue light. Lenses help reduce the amount of potentially harmful blue light transmitted through the lens and varies between lens types. Harmful blue light refers to the 415-455 nanometer range of the visible light spectrum.

Are you one of those who think it does not matter to wear prescription sunglasses than others who are not? Do you ignore the difference between them? Do not worry: we have prepared a post that will serve to inform you about this matter and, incidentally, help us dismantle false myths. Let’s go for it!

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